Engagement process

Prior to engagement with the facility, please keep in mind that RSCF does not support stand alone projects! RSCF cannot provide any form of equity. RSCF support comes as co-financing of partner expenses (grant on partner-level). Please check your eligibility and if you qualifiy for Support Line 1 or Support Lines 2 and 3.

RSCF partners have to go through a four-step process in order to get support from the facility:



Any party may express an interest in obtaining support at any point throughout the operational phase of RSCF.  Additional guidance for project proposals can be found on the RSCF website. There are no specific deadlines or cut-off dates other than when the available budgets are fully committed.


Interested entities are invited to submit a proposal once the RSCF-Agent has conducted a preliminary check of the eligibility for RSCF support. The potential partner - in cooperation with the RSCF-Agent – prepares a proposal, which will be submitted to the Investment Advisory Committee (IAC). Once an approval in principle has been issued, the potential RSCF partner proceeds to the due-diligence stage.


After the IAC has endorsed the proposal, the RSCF-Agent together with the Programme Management Unit (PMU) proceeds to an on-site due diligence. For the due diligence, the RSCF partner will follow a standardized process, similar to the one adopted by DFIs. After final approval, the RSCF Agent will start contract negotiations.


If the due diligence is completed successfully, the PMU asks the RSCF Agent to complete a cooperating partner agreement (CPA). Once contracted, the RSCF partners report on their progress through quarterly progress reports and regular conference calls. Furthermore, RSCF requires audited financial statements and confirmation letters from auditors for RSCF-financed expenses

My company is eligible! What do I need to do to apply for RSCF support?

Please contact the RSCF-Agent with a brief description of your company and the rationale behind your application. Depending on the support line, please add the following additional information:

For Support Line 1

  • fund strategy incl. targeted sectors and regions
  • fund structure
  • current fundraising process
  • experience of the management team
  • etc.

For Support Lines 2 and 3

  • team setup and track record 
  • targeted regions
  • targeted sectors
  • project pipeline
  • project development activties offered
  • etc.

The RSCF-Agent will then arrange for an initial call to clarify eligibility and adress open questions. Subject to the availability of funding, interested parties are invited to submit a proposal.

Please direct all enquiries to info@restorationfacility.org!