Making investments in forest landscape restoration happen

The Restoration Seed Capital Facility supports early-stage development of
forest restoration projects in developing countries, contributing to climate
adaptation and mitigation, biodiversity, and sustainable livelihoods.



The Restoration Seed Capotal Facility supports Shared Wood Company and New Forests

The Restoration Seed Capital Facility (RSCF) has approved The Shared Wood Company (SWC) and New Forests as two new partners to qualify for the Facility’s support.

The Facility will provide SWC and New Forests with financial support to accelerate their efforts in identifying and developing a strong pipeline of investments in nature-based solutions that contribute to the protection, sound management and restoration of forest ecosystems across Central, South America, and Africa.

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The objectives of the Restoration Seed Capital Facility are to stimulate more private fund managers and investment advisors to set up new funds that focus on forest and landscape restoration, build strong pipelines, and make sure that more projects reach financial close.